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In this image the stage is shown with the Tilt Plate at the top and the Rotate axis beneath. 

This permits the user to adjust the rotation to the desired angle and then adjust Tip/Tilt. 

This is the way that most Tip/Tilt/Rotate stages are constructed. 

However, there are cases where the user wants to adjust Tip and Tilt to some specific position and then adjust rotation in that plane.

That is where the ability to invert the stage permits either format to be used. 

Both the top and bottom plates provide a pattern of 1/4-20 tapped holes on one inch centers as well as some peripheral counterbored through-holes to permit the stage to be mounted in either the normal or inverted position.  For specific details of the various models, please click on the links at the left.

These Versa StagesTMare available in the following sizes:

6 inches x 6 inches, click on link for details
8 inches x 8 inches, 
10 inches x 10 inches, 
12 inches x 12 inches, and
18 inches x 18 inches

Please call me, Gordon Graham for details and prices.

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