MODEL UHR12X12TTR   12-inch x 12-inch Tip/Tilt/Rotate Stage (Black Anodized finish)

                                                        Range: +/- 5 degrees
                                                        Resolution, Tip and Tilt: 8.6 arc seconds (41.5microradians) per rotation of actuator knob
                                                        Resolution, Rotate:  17.2 arc seconds (83 microradians) per rotation of actuator knob
                                                        Stainless steel actuators
                                                        Maximum recommended load: 100 pounds
                                                        Approximate weight: 32 pounds
                                                        Top Plate:  ¼-20 tapped holes on 1.0 inch centers
                                                        Bottom plate:  16 C’bored holes to accommodate ¼-inch Socket Head Cap Screws, 4 on each side, ½-inch from the edge.

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