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Basic Price for single channel $6,495.00 FOB Chatsworth, CaliforniaShown at the left, the Model 500W configured with an external optical head, is intended for Transmittance measurement of a moving web of polyester or other plastic. With its continuous analog output, it permits the collection of both numeric and graphic data when used with a chart recorder or computer. 

The Model 1000C pictured below in a 2-channel version can also be used to monitor the Transmittance of a moving web. Useful for process control as well as storage of quality assurance data, it is available in dual or multiple channels. The Model 1000C can be provided complete with computer and data acquisition hardware and software to provide an overall record of the Transmittance of an entire spool of film. 

The 2-channel versions can be configured for measurement of transmittance at two separate positions, in two different directions for materials that are not isotropic, or at two different wavelengths.  A multichannel version expands the list of options particularly when provided with National Instrument's LabView software with its rich palette of graphics.


Rack mounted systems are Ideal for multiple channel configurations that may need future augmentation. 

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