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MODEL 500W with remote head 
Monitors transmittance of moving webs
The Model 500W -- available in many formats, some shown here, this Transmissometer employs a remote head which is configured to the customer's requirements.  This permits the evaluation of very large samples, special shapes, moving webs, etc. in remote locations and hostile environments. 

High Vacuum Heads
These remote heads are for use inside vacuum coating chambers. Available in single or multiple channels, these heads permit the measurement of transmittance uniformity of moving webs of film.

                                     Model 500W LCD Readout
Submersible Heads
These heads, which may be immersed in any non-corrosive liquid, can be used to monitor concentration of reagents and solutes during chemical reactions

Infrared analysis of chemical reactions. 
Since many organic compounds absorb infrared radiation of specific wavelengths, when equipped with the appropriate infrared source, these submersible heads can be used to monitor the concentration of various organic compounds in production reaction chambers.  Analog output from the Model 500W can be connected directly to a recorder, to monitor reaction 
rates.  The computerized version Model 1000C can also                                       Model 500W LED Readout        be configured for this application.


                              2-Channel Model 500W Rack Mount (Shown with Optional Integrator)

Potential customers are encouraged to inquire about any special features which they may need for their application.  A number of customized modifications are available at no additional cost.  An optional integrator may be added to the analog output to yield average transmittance over selectable time periods in the range of 0.1 to 4 seconds.

Model 1000C

This is a computerized Model that may be configured in all of the same formats as the Model 500W.  It permits the collection of both numeric and graphic data.   Because it offers continuous output, the Model 1000C is capable of being used for process control as well as storage of data for quality assurance. Available in any of the illustrated formats in single or multiple channels
Wide selection of wavelengths available White light

Selection of  visible wavelengths using filters

Selection of IR wavelengths available

Test beam 10.0 mm diameter Averages transmittance over larger area
4-1/2 digit LED or LCD Readout  (+/- 0.02% accuracy) Large LED readouts may be read at a distance
Multiple channels available  Visible, IR, or assortment of visible and IR

Remote Optical Head
Usable for measuring moving web

Model for use in high vacuum chamber

Submersible remote heads available

Bench Top or Rack Mount Customer's choice of desktop model or rack mount
Analog output for each channel Permits data logging or chart recording of each channel
Power requirements: 117 volts 60Hz or 220 volts 50Hz Wired to connect to customer's requirement
Standard limited warranty on parts and labor 1 year

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