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Infrared Transmissometer
with 4-1/2 Digital Readout (%T)


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The Model 100IR employs an infrared source of specific wavelength.  Multiple channel versions are available.  At the time of purchase the customer may select which infrared wavelengths are required. Many possible selections in the range of 700 to 1000 nM.  With a 4-1/2 digit LED readout, measurements are typically accurate within +/-0.02%.  At the time of purchase, the customer can select filters with the central wavelength and bandwidth of his choice. 

The instruments feature an electronically chopped test beam for maximum accuracy and independence from ambient lighting conditions.  The Model 100IR can accommodate samples up to 2.0 inches thick and can measure to the center of a 12-inch wide sample.  They are easy to use, stable in operation, and provide highly reproducible readings. Like all Graham Transmissometers, the Model 100IR is virtually maintenance free.

All Graham Transmissometers operate in any normal ambient lighting condition. . .no need to operate the instrument in a darkened room!

Measurements of Percent Transmittance (%T) are obtained automatically simply by inserting the sample in the optical path. The user can readily make 6 to 10 measurements of transmittance per minute.  Like all Graham Transmissometers, the Model 100IR is virtually maintenance free.

In use, the Operator simply sets Zero with the light path blocked, then sets 100% with no sample in the light path. Readings are therefore absolute, with no optical standard required.

It's as simple as that!
Operates only in the infrared (700 to 1000 nM) Broad-band or narrow band sources may be selected by customer at additional cost
Basic Model 100IR is a single channel.
Multiple channel versions available
Multiple channel version permits measurements of Transmittance at several wavelengths within the infrared range.
Test beam diameter 5.9 mm Larger Beam diameter may be selected at additional cost.
Analog Output Permits connection to data logger or chart recorder
Warm-up Time ~ 20 minutes Very stable operation throughout the workday
4-1/2 Digit Readout (LED or LCD) Provides accuracy of 0.02%
Dimensions (W x D x H) 10 x 10.2 x 4 inches Small Footprint
Special Features available. Please inquire Designed to accommodate wide range of special requirements to suit customer's application.
Power Requirements 115 Volts 60 Hz 2.0 Amps or
220 Volts 50 Hz 2.0 Amps
Standard limited Warranty, Parts and Labor 1 year

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