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with 3-1/2 Digital Readout (%T)



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WHITE LIGHT Transmissometers

Graham Optical Systems offer this economical instrument which typically measures white light transmittance with an accuracy of +/- 0.1%

All Graham Transmissometers operate in any normal ambient lighting condition
-- no need to operate the instrument in a darkened room!

The instruments feature an electronically chopped test beam for maximum accuracy and independence from ambient lighting conditions.  They are easy to use, stable in operation, and provide highly reproducible readings.

Model 100 Transmissometer

The Model 100 accepts samples up to two inches thick although modifications will be made to accommodate special requirements.  Potential customers are encouraged to inquire about any special features which they may need for their application.  A number of customized modifications are available at no additional cost.

The basic instrument is useful for measurement of transmittance of glass, filters, plastics, films, optical coatings, etc. If the requirement is to measure transmittance at some specific wavelength we recommend the Model 100V or Model 100IR.


It requires only a few seconds for the operator to calibrate the instrument.  Using front panel controls, he adjusts the instrument to read 0.0% with the optical path blocked and 100% with no sample present. Readings are therefore absolute, with no optical standard required. These instruments are very stable and after the initial 30 minute warmup, maintain their calibration over many hours of operation. However, in order to guarantee the highest repeatability, we recommend that the operator repeat the calibration procedure a few time throughout the day -- preferably once per hour to assure highest accuracy

Transmittance Measurements
After calibration, the user simply places the test piece on the top surface of the transmissometer and obtains immediate measurements of  Percentage Transmittance (%T) which are shown directly on the 3-1/2 digit Liquid Crystal Display.  As a result, a large number of readings can be made in a very short time.  Ten measurements per minute are readily accomplished. 
Test Beam Diameter 5.9 mm Permits measurement of small areas
Basic instrument Easy operation, Lowest Cost
White light Permits relative transmittance measurements of colored substrates and filters
Sample Size Accommodated 8 x 8 inches maximum Easy measurement of selected areas of sample
LCD Readout   (3-1/2 digits) Provides accuracy of +/- 0.1 percent
Warm-up Time ~ 20 minutes Very stable operation throughout the workday
Dimensions (W x D x H) 10.3 x 10.0 x 4.0 inches Small footprint
Weight approximately 10 pounds   Highly portable
Power Requirements 117 volts 60 Hz 1.0 Ampere or
                               220 volts 50 Hz 1.0 Ampere
Can be provided for operation anywhere
Battery model available Ideal for field operation
Standard limited Warranty, Parts and Labor 1 year Long life of stable operation. 
Several Graham Model 100 instruments have been in trouble-free operation for over 20 years!

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