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The GRAHAM line of  reflectometers can be configured to measure percent Reflectance at any of many fixed wavelengths in the near-ultraviolet, violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, or infrared regions of the spectrum (either narrow band or broad band as requested at time of purchase). 

WHITE LIGHT Reflectometers

We also offer systems which employ white light sources-- thus permitting the insertion of a filter to inspect any region of the visible spectrum.  Typical accuracy of +/-0.2 % is achieved.

No need to operate the instrument in a darkened room!

The instruments all feature an electronically chopped  test beam for maximum accuracy and independence from ambient lighting conditions.  They are easy to use, stable in operation, and provide highly reproducible readings


We also offer reflectometers in both infrared and ultraviolet .  Please inquire for specific wavelengths required.  Listed below are some of the features and benefits provided by the Model R200V Reflectometer

Accepts filters Broad-band or Narrow-band Filters may be selected by customer at time of purchase
Instrument optimized for specular or diffuse reflectance Customer's choice at time of purchase
Typical samples are: glass, silicon wafers, reflective or anti reflective coatings, paper, painted surfaces, matte finished surfaces, etc.  Highly versatile.
Reflectance measurements takes at normal incidence Eliminates small errors which arise when incident beam is at a small angle to the normal.
Single or multiple channel versions Permits measurements of Transmittance at several wavelengths in the infrared, the visible spectrum, and the ultraviolet.
Test beam diameter 10.0 mm Beam diameter may be selected at time of purchase
Sample size 6" x 6" Maximum Permits inspection to center of 12 inch wide sample
Max. sample thickness accommodated 1.0 inch Capacity for thicker samples can be provided
Analog Output Permits connection to data logger or chart recorder
Reflectance Standard provided for calibration For either  specular or diffuse reflectance
Warm-up Time  20 minutes Very stable operation throughout the workday
4-1/2 Digit Readout (LED or LCD) Provides accuracy of  0.2%
Dimensions (W x D x H) 10.2 x 10 x 4 inches Small Footprint
Weight Approximately 10 pounds  (4.5 kg) Easily portable
Special Features Designed to accommodate wide range of special requirements to suit customer's application.
Power Requirements 115 Volts 60 Hz 2.0 Amps or
220 Volts 50 Hz 2.0 Amps
Warranty, Parts and Labor 1 year

Instrument design and operation

All instruments are similar in appearance to that shown in the photograph.  Some features may vary with model.  Potential customers are encouraged to inquire about any special features which may be needed for their application.  A number of customized modifications are available at little additional cost.


In operation, the instrument is set to read 0% reflectance by closing an aperture which isolates the light source from the detector.  Then, using a reflectance standard appropriate to the customer's application, the reflectance reading is set to the specified level.  Thereafter readings of reflectance are shown directly on the 4-1/2 digit LCD or LED display.
For a detailed description of operation click on the link: Measuring Reflectance with the Model R200V

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