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In 1987, Gordon and Arlette Graham founded Graham Optical Systems with the introduction of a new low cost Fizeau Interferometer to a market already offering some stiff competition. The success of this new interferometer with its high contrast interferograms and simple construction gave the Company the incentive to expand the product line to include a number of special interferometers operating at several different wavelengths in the visible, infrared and ultraviolet bands of the spectrum.

In recent years infrared interferometry has become increasingly important and the Company has expanded its product to include dual-wavelength interferometers that perform at both IR and visible wavelengths.  Presently, the Company offers a number of models, both vertical and horizontal, ranging from very simple visual systems to Phase-shifting Interferometers.

Other products include Transmissometers and Reflectometers that can be configured for user on the lab bench or for continuous monitoring of moving webs on the production line.  A new line of Laser Transmissometers measure, at specific wavelengths, atmospheric absorption due to pollution, dust, or fog.

The Graham line of Heavy Duty Stages: Tip/Tilt, Tip Rotate and Tip/Tilt Rotate are a "spin-off" from the Tip/Tilt stages that the Company provides with their vertical interferometers.  Made without the use of springs, in standard and ultra-high resolution models, these large format stages handle loads up to 150 pounds.

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