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1.55 micron Infrared Interferometer

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The Model 155ir is a 4-inch aperture Phase Fizeau interferometer with a fused silica collimator and a reference surface which is flat to 1/20 wave (measured at 632.8 nM). Operating at 1550 nM wavelength, the Laser Diode source together with our unique dithering system, produces a sharp, speckle-free image. The image at the left shows the Horizontal version of the Model 155ir.  At the right, the vertical version.

The instrument may be configured for Plano or Spherical measurement (requires a transmission sphere -- not included).  Equipped with EndoPhazeTM phase shifter, computer and Durango* Universal Interferometry Software.  This turnkey system provides a live interferogram on the computer screen.

4-inch aperture  Ideal for test pieces from 1/2 to 4 inch diameter
Zoom Lens Readily accommodates test pieces from 1/2 inch to 4 inches diameter
Rugged construction High mechanical stability
A Turnkey System User Friendly and ready to go
Two spot alignment For quick setup on each new part tested. 
Dithered Laser source at 1550 nM Sharp Speckle-free interferograms
Zoom, Focus, Iris, Intensity Remote control for quick adjustments
EndoPhazeTM Frequency Shifting For smooth phase measurement with no hysteresis.
InGaAs Camera 320(H) x 256(V) pixels High resolution.
Higher resolution camera available
Windows environment
PV and rms in users choice of units
High level of repeatability
Excellent reproducibility
Large choice of graphic displays
Dynamic Sections
3-D OPD Plot
Reference Subtraction
MTF and PSF graphics and plots
Zernike Polynomials available for all measurements
Seidel Coefficients available
2.2 GHz All-inOne Computer included For high speed data reduction with small footprint
Data acquisition Time 30 milliseconds (typical) Fast !
Data reduction time  ~3 seconds (typical) Fast !
Live interferogram on computer screen No need for extra video monitor
1/48 wave Silica Transmission Flat included (at 1550 nm) (1/20 wave at 632.8 nm)
Tip/Tilt Bracket with Bayonet mount for attachment of Transmission Flat or Transmission Sphere Interferometer can accommodate either Plano of Spherical test Pieces 
Repeatability 1/300 wave PV,  1/1000 wave rms
Dimensions Horizontal Model
(L x W x H) 20 x 18 x 8 inches
Small Footprint (18 x 20 inches)
Footprint of Vertical Model
(W x D ) 10 x 16 inches
Smaller Footprint (10 x 16 inches)
Weight Horizontal Model 60 pounds (30 kg) approx.
Weight Vertical Model 75 to 120 pounds
Solidly built for high stability
Manual Illustrated Operator's Manual
Power  117/240 Volts  50/60 Hz Wired with proper plug for user's power system
Warranty Standard one-year limited warranty against defective components or workmanship

For Further Information, call Gordon Graham  Phone (818) 700-1263 E-mail:
Graham Optical Systems9530 Topanga Canyon Blvd.,  Chatsworth, CA 91311
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