This 4-inch aperture is a typical Fizeau Interferometer but operating at a special wavelength of 355nm -- well into the ultraviolet. Many wavelengths available.
How Phase Interferometers Work

What does Tip/Tilt do?

Vertical? or Horizontal? Interferometer

Why Grazing Incidence Interferometry?

How Grazing Incidence works

Flatness and Roughness

Measuring Spherical Surfaces with a Plano Interferometer

Advantages of Dual Wavelength Interferometers

Fringe Interpretation


These tutorials are intended to provide basic information about how measurements are made with interferometers.  They are not intended to be thorough mathematical analyses -- there are plenty of excellent tutorials on the internet which do that very well.  We just want to explain some of the little terms and factors that individuals new to the technology might find confusing. 

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