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Here is a small sample of the colorful graphics available with Durango Universal Interferometry Software. 

The graphics are just the icing on the cake.  Durango Software permits the user to produce precise, repeatable measurements of optical components and systems. 

Also Durango allows the engineer to evaluate a wide range of non-optical surfaces that are encountered in quality control at engineering and production facilities.

Computer hard disks, wafers, seal plates, and various lapped metal parts can be measured easily by personnel not skilled in optics. 

Used with Graham Grazing Incidence Interferometers, Durango permits the flatness evaluation of silicon, and germanium wafers, metal and ceramic seal plates, as well as various lapped metal parts. 


The Interferogram and graphics below of 4-inch computer hard disk were made with a Graham Model 4VPS Interferometer
The live interferogram on the computer screen This opd. Map is provided by Durango. This 3-D Map can be animated (rotated).
Computer Hard Disk Interferogram
Computer Hard Disk 2-D Surface Map
Computer Hard Disk 3-D Surface Plot
Multiple choices availabler from palette bar. This map shows mutiple zones. This map shows smooth graduation of map across image.
Computer Hard Disk X-Slope Map
Computer Hard Disk X-Slope Map
Computer Hard Disk Gradient Map
Interferogram and graphics below of semi-matte finished steel seal plate using a Graham Grazing Incidence Interferometer



To get a closer look at Durango Interferometry Software, you can download a free copy at www.diffraction.com 

Then ask us to send you this CD with Sample Durango opd files made with various Graham Interferometers.  Just Call Gordon Graham at (818) 700-1263 or send an e-mail to techinfo@grahamoptical.com 


Graham Optical Systems
installs Durango Software on all of its Phase Shifting Interferometers.

Durango is the Universal Interferometry Software™ for data acquisition, analysis, evaluation, exchange, import/export and simulation. 

Durango uses only published algorithms and gives you full access to raw measurement data and intermediate results. 

Durango offers power, speed, flexibility, hardware independence, ease of use and value in one comprehensive package.

The images at the left are examples of the many graphics which Durango can produce.  Examples of 3D plots are shown below.

  General Features offered by Durango 
                  Fast 32-bit code running under Windows XP
                  Intuitive interface makes keyboard almost unnecessary. 
                  Responsive, anticipates user requests while responding promptly to user input.
                  Online, context-sensitive help. 
                  Knowledgeable and responsive technical support. 
                  Affordable, permanent license includes 1st year support and upgrades 

  Data Acquisition and Control

            User can specify number of frames and phase shifts
            Automatic or manual calibration of phase shifter 
            Live Image window makes separate monitor unnecessary 
            Remote triggering and/or automatic data saving 
            Import images (.raw, .bmp, .jpg, .png) or data files (MetroPro, Opticode). 

    Data Analysis

            Published algorithms, no voodoo 
            Robust, correctly computes and unwraps even noisy phase data 
            Select from numerous phase algorithms, before or after data acquisition 
            Re-purpose any phase algorithm as a spatial-carrier static algorithm 
            Editable pixel masks for computation and analysis 
            User control of pixel rejection criteria 
            User control of Unit Circle for aperture scaling and registration 
            Fitting algorithms handle circular and non-circular apertures 
            Remove tilt, power, coma, astigmatism, cylinder, reference, residual 
            Unlimited Zernike or monomial fitting terms 
            Unlimited fiducials with graphic and spreadsheet editing
            FFT-based diffraction analysis for PSF, Encircled/Ensquared energy, MTF 
            OPD Arithmetic for analyzing multiple surface or wavefront maps. 
            Synthetic data support, with optional phase and intensity noise 
            Save ALL data, or just the OPD map. 


        Supports all screen resolutions 
            Unlimited windows may be opened, closed, moved, resized, minimized 
            Bitmap display of OPD, frames, phase, modulation, intensity and slope 
            Dynamically review frames, tilt phase maps, rotate 3D surfaces 
            Histogram display of phase step, OPD, modulation, intensity and slope 
            Printable reports from fully customizable HTML templates

            Export to CodeV, Excel, ASCII, .xml, .raw, .bmp, .jpg. 

    Durango and Universal Interferometry Software are Trademarks of Diffraction International.
    Visit their website and download a FREE Demonstration copy of Durango Software. 

For Further Information, call Gordon Graham today at (818) 700-1263  E-mail: techinfo@grahamoptical.com
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