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Our Model 2VP "PHASE MITE" is ideal for customers who specialize in smaller components.  Our very popular  Model 2V "FRINGE MITE" interferometer has been available for the past 18 years, but we now offer a full phase version in the PHASE MITE featuring Durango Universal Interferometry Software. 

With its 1/20 wave fused silica reference flat, Zoom optics, and high resolution CCD camera, the Model 2VP provides the smaller field of view and higher magnification that is so important when evaluating small parts.

Vertical format
The vertical format of the Model 2VP is very convenient and highly suited for a wide variety of applications from small precision lapping and optical fabrication operations to the quality control departments and R&D laboratories of large industries. 

The large 8-inch gap between the interferometer reference surface and the sturdy integral tilt-table allows the interferometer to accommodate test pieces such as sub-assemblies or long laser rods.

The Model 2VP operates under the control of Durango Interferometry Software which provides a live interferogram on the computer monitor.  The user can select from a rich palette of graphics, text files and reports.  For further Information please click on Durango

The image at the left offers an example of the diverse display of graphics and data achievable under Durango Software. 

PV and rms flatness are displayed on the screen and can be expressed in microns, nanometers, microinches, waves, etc. as the user requires.

2-inch aperture (50.8 mm) Ideal size for measuring small components
1/20 wave fused silica reference surface High accuracy
Rugged construction High stability
Vertical Orientation Easy to use.  No special mount for test piece.
Two spot alignment For quick setup on each new part tested
Single Mode Diode Laser operating at 635 nm Dithered for Sharp, speckle-free images
Illumination  / Contrast control Quick adjust lever
Sturdy Integral Tip / Tilt table (6-inch diameter) Fine pitch screws for easy adjustment
Quick Zoom Optics (3x) Thumb wheel control
Focus Thumb wheel control
Sturdy Integral Tip / Tilt Table 
(6-inch diameter)
Fine pitch screws for easy adjustment
EndoPhaseTM Hysteresis-Free Phase Shifting
CCD Camera 768(H) x 494(V) pixels High resolution
Durango Universal Interferometry Software* For high repeatability
For high reproducibility
For high speed data reduction
For excellent colorful graphics
3.02 GHz computer with INTEL® Core™ i-3 540 processor For high speed data reduction and phase shift control
Live interferogram on computer monitor For quick inspection with no extra video monitor
22-inch TFT Flat Screen Monitor For easy viewing
Maximum test piece thickness: 8 in. (203 mm) Large work space for testing assemblies
Dimensions (LxWxH} 14.2 x 10 x 34 inches  Small footprint
Weight 40 lb (18.1 kg) Easily move to new location.
Power Requirements 115 V 60 Hz or 240 V 50 Hz Wired with proper plug for user's power source
Simple design, simple to operate Low Cost -- Big Value

To operate the Model 2V PHASE MITE interferometer, test pieces are simply placed upon the tilt table with no need to mount them, resulting in very substantial time savings as well as the elimination of the mounting accessories normally required when using horizontal interferometers. The Model 2VP is designed for ruggedness and ease of use.  With only a couple of hours of practice, an operator can readily become proficient in the manipulation of the instrument's simple controls.


The sample to be evaluated is placed on the tilt-table, and if no reflection is observed on the video monitor, the Zoom lens is adjusted into macro position.  This displays a wider field of view and the return reflection can be seen.  The tilt-table is then adjusted to bring the reflected image into coincidence with the central alignment spot.  At this point, the  Zoom lens can again be adjusted to an appropriate image size.  Fringes should already be visible on the monitor.


Further adjustment of the tip/tilt table will reduce the number of fringes to produce the desired interferogram.  Subsequent evaluation of similar parts usually does not require the Alignment Mode.  On placing the sample on the tip/tilt table, the operator can immediately observe fringe patterns and make adjustments accordingly.

The Phase Shifting operation is under the control of the Durango Software. A single key click grabs the phase images and performs the calculations in about 3 seconds.  The graphic and data displays desired can be selected by the operator.  The rest is automatic.  The Model 2VP gives highly repeatable and reproducible measurements day in and day out.

Download a PDF file of the PHASE MITE's Specifications
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